Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Here is a sample of my recessed panelling that I am addind to my main floor , I made the mistake of starting with the stairs , angles made it hell to do but it turned out fantastic, it makes it look, to me, like an older home , the paint it a brown gray , and all my other trim work is a crisp white.I have a little bit more to do to complete the main floor that will be done this spring, maybe my easter project.
I should apologize for how rough those photos are they were before touch ups.


onelittlemustardseed said...

Looks beautiful! I am in awe of your carpentry skills!

This is what I hope to do with my stairs once I turn my attention to them! We have to also tear down a wall at the top of the stairs and add new railing.

I also want to put up board and batten style mouldings in my diningroom to make it look more vintage...(Ithink that is what it is called) but I am dependent on my hubbie as I can't do any type of carpentry!

chriskauf said...

It is easier that you think , and really satisfying to do , if I had to wait for hubby , since he is always busy I would still be waiting, but to do it yourself you can not be a perfectionist , caulking is your friend, and HOME DEPOT and I know you have one now. I love going in there with my cart full, everytime a man will ask is that for your husband?
Have fun with your renovations , I look forward to seeing it all come along.