Thursday, April 12, 2007

Favorite thing

Linda has inspired me to post a few of my favorite things. I love eiffel towers have for about 6 years , well before you could pick them up any where ,my most recent was purchased at Christmas it is the most perfect wire example,it is about 3 ft tall , and I just love it completes my collection.

My chandelier that we picked up on Queen street in Toronto , on my 30th birthday , the day I got my tattoo.It was in a junk shop and we got it for way less than was asked for it, of course when I light the candles it usually sets off the smoke alarm but that is irrelevant , I put up sconces to fix the lighting issue.

My most prized possesion is my hooked rug in my kitchen , I fell in love with it , see I hate the tile on my floor , but the task of ripping that out has encouraged me to work with it, I covered 80% of it with a huge island and as much as I could with this pretty rug.The one good thing is it never looks dirty.

Oh and my lamps , the stripes I love them , they have a seaside look to me, my husband hates them but I love them so they go no where.

I tire of things very quickly , but these are all things that have stood the test of time. 4 years being the longest I have stayed in one home , I am constantly tweaking things and redecorating, but there still so much to do , the powder room needs beadboard and new sink & faucet .But I look forward to those things , I live for it.


Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

I laughed at your line about "living for it." I remember Cobi Ladner(editor of House and Home) writing that she sometimes question if decorating and the love of it is frivolous. It was after the death of her friend and she felt wierd about returning her focus to all things decorative. She basically said that focusing on making our environments beautiful and pleasing is a positive thing. It fulfills a creative need in many of us. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't express myself this way. It is like being a writer or painter; just a different medium. It's fun and light-hearted in a world where we all need a little break from the serious. That said, I get a rush when I step into a really great store. I pause and just breathe in the positive energy!!!LOL

Heidi said...

I agree, interior design is an artform.

Great idea to post your favourite things. Maybe I'll do that but I think I'll wait for our next house...I have issues...can you tell...I want to move NOW!!

If only I could be motivated to get the house ready for listing after already trying to sell it twice.

....whoa, sorry for being a whiner, I'm ready to feel like you guys do about your homes!