Thursday, April 5, 2007


I was in the past a baker , custom cakes , I enjoyed it , but when I moved my baking service died, the constantly sticky and gritty surfaces in my kitchen was enough to drive the clean freak in me mad.I still enjoy a beautiful cupcake, much less to go wrong and so simple, today's batch is for one of my daycare kids Faith is turning 2 over the easter weekend , and some cuppies seem fitting..

today 's are the blue , the others were for a bake sale at school.


Heidi said...

Oh I love them, especially the blue ones!!! So pretty.

groovyinclinations said...

Okay...these are too beautiful. I am beginning to be so jealous of you!


Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

Hi Chris, this is too strange. My sister Wendy is best friends with your sister Heidi. Wendy told me to visit your blog as we have very similar taste and sisters in common. I laughed when I saw that you have a Sophie. My Sophie is six and also extremely adorable!!!What is the likelihood of that?! I have a home staging/interior decorating business and I strongly recommend you hurry up and enter the field as you have a natural talent!! Your pictures are beautiful and I couldn't believe how much alike our decorative styles are. I am also the younger, blond sister, which I love to remind Wendy about (at least the younger part)! I have started a blog as well for my business and to appease Wendy that I am actually in the 21st century.


onelittlemustardseed said...

Hi Chris,

Love the cupcakes, love your site! Maybe sometime you can visit when your mother comes down...I'll get my sister to come up here for a visit too!

I love your mum! She is the coolest, nicest, hippest, kindest person I've met in a very long time!

You should get her to start a blog!

chriskauf said...

Linda I love your kitchen I would love to see the rest of your home,your light over the island pushed me to go buy one for myself last night and first thing this morning install it ,looks good but I need one more so I will have an electrician in next week to put in another box. I will post some pics after that is done.
I am planning on night school next fall to learn how to run my own business , I am very excited to get started.
I can't believe you have a SOphie she is almost 6 as well.