Friday, April 13, 2007


When we bought this house I picked white tile , a faux limestone counter , that was about 5 years ago , of course since then tile has come so far , and I dream of beautiful tile all over the walls in my bathroom, white subway tile and a border of grey mini subway mosaics . I think it is time to stock pile boxes of tile weekly so that I can start this project, I love tiling, with the exception of tiling ceiling which is physical torture. Our shower ceiling was becoming stained from moisture and my messy husband , so I finally took on the task of tiling it , I love the result but boy was that a workout.I am very fortunate to live in an area where all the sources that Sarah Richardson uses are about a 30 minute drive for me.
Since we have lived in our home I have painted my vanity twice , first a grey now a fresh white and the glass knobs from LeeValley tools , are identical to Restoration Hardware but a fraction of the cost.Chandelier went up on day one of the move in.I think beadboard would look great on the ceiling , some day.
Next on the list for this room is tile, counter , sink, an a plasma built into the wall so I can bathe and watch my fave shows.
The sink at the top is my dream sink for my powder room , but I think all together excluding faucet it would be around $1000. 00 thats a bit much , but maybe.


Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

I can't believe the handy woman skills you have!!!! I must admit, although I'll tackle what I can, I do depend on my husband to do all the major carpentry projects. I jokingly tell people, Paul built it, but I designed it!" You are a renaissance woman for sure!!!!!!I LOVE the stripes on your bathroom wall. I hate to paint, I've done way too much of it in my life, but that inspires me.

chriskauf said...

Thanks again , I think I tackle things because of my mother she never relied on my dad to do things for her,so I never saw that men were for doing things, I find most men put things off and I hate to nag , and I am incredibly impatient so it has always been me to get things started.
I wonder if my kids will be like me ready to tackle anything.
Hubby is going away for a week and I want to do something while he is away???? what will it be, I am going to Home Depot soon, it is a 2 minute drive.Todd call Home Depot " my freinds house"
It also helps that my kids are great at entertaining themselves, so that I can do lots of things unlike when they were small, its funny though they never ask what I am doing or making its just mom.

Heidi said...

Ha!!! I'm like that with Jon too, I just go ahead and do it myself because I don't want to I tend to be more mechanically inclined than he does.

Hope he doesn't read this! lol!