Friday, April 13, 2007

April 13th

Today Sophie decided it was a good day to swing in the backyard , or mud yard.Can we all see why I don't let them play in that mess we call a backyard right.
Mason is posing for her picture with her favorite webkinz, we are on our way to get the girls another depending on what the stores have in stock.
I just had over a landscaper to price out hardscape for the front walkways , he seemed really nice, I have never hsd lanscaping done that I didn't have to do myself. We will see Monday or Tuesday what I want will cost??? of course I chose the most expensive bricks, good taste what a curse.Niceest thing though was he was really impressed with the house and all the work I have done inside, which is his business as well. He said"maybe I will hire you" kidding I'm sure but it was nice to hear. Never know if this all works out maybe he can be my contractor for my own projects and others soon.

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Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

Make sure you post some photos of your landscaping- we are doing ours this spring and I need some inspiration!!