Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Sad Day

I wanted to post about a wedding I did this past summer but could not ignore another gruesome school shooting that dismays me today .How can it be that our children have become sitting ducks for mass murderes. I don't have to send my children to college for another 10 years but the fear is in me , no reason to wonder why that is. What is wrong with our culture? gun control? violent video games?so gruesome the simulated acts of killing being the goal for success in such an addictive world of make believe...dare we wonder?

Freedom of expression is one thing sowing the seed of evil is entirely another , killing is not an art.

There must be an answer to this repeating event, why don't these young men value life of themselves,why is killing their answer , is it for fame in the end, last laugh for the tortured, a release, and evil legacy for others to follow.

Many worry about the "scarey terrorists" what about the ones within.
I should mention I did look for a similar map for Canada and could not find one.

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onelittlemustardseed said...

It is numbing when you think of the enormity of this act, the many young lives wiped out.

I think it is our culture that creates this void in people along with a world that is at war. Also, this young man was obviously ill, and so many times it isn't until they hurt someone that we can act...that is wrong.

In so many war torn regions of the world people die daily from acts of violence. So much so that we become numb, we hear it on the news but we don't feel it...but when it is close to home we are painfully reminded.

That same day in Iraq, 200 people died from suicide makes me want to turn off all forms of news and stick my head in the sand.